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Children and teen mental health issues are a worldwide crisis. If COVID has taught us anything, it is that everyone can be affected by mental health. However, there are limited mental health resources for teens and adolescents that empower them, as well as the family.

Today in the U.S., more than 20 million children and teens have chronic or debilitating mental health needs. Choose Mental Health is taking on this global issue and changing access to adolescent mental health as we know it. Every child deserves help and our mission is to make it happen through fundraising, awareness, and good old-fashioned grit and hard work. We need more mental health resources for children and teens in this country and Choose Mental Health is here to help.

Mental health treatment is expensive but also life-changing. We invite you to join us in any capacity you can to support this invaluable work.

No more stigma, no more shame, no more being alone, and no more being in the dark about mental health.

Welcome to Choose Mental Health — mental health resources for adolescents and teens.

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Have You Got What It Takes to Help Change the Teen Mental Health Game?

We offer fundraising for scholarships to help teens and children who need critical mental health services.

Ways you can help
Ways You Can Help
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Join to Change Childrens’ Mental Health Resources

Help us hold the mental health industry to a higher standard of care for teens and children.

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Access resources to learn how to help your child or teen meet their greatest needs and have better access to mental health resources for adolescents.

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Get answers now and find the child and teen mental health resources you need.

Parent Shares from the Heart about Daughters Success

“I have complete confidence in this program (a member of Choose Mental Health network) and felt safe placing my daughter there. Equally important, my daughter felt safe and supported while doing very difficult soul searching and changing. Our daughter needed this level of care that couldn’t be created living at home and we felt lucky to have found this program. I can recommend them without any reservations.”

Parent Testimonial

Mental Health Advocate

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Behind the Curtain

Learn more about our national organization and why we are so passionate about providing mental health resources for teens and kids.

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