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At a Glance

We are pleased to announce the first-ever SMILE Award offered by Choose Mental Health.  This prestigious award recognizes leaders, companies and organizations that positively impact mental health, particularly for children and youth.

There is no cost to nominate. As a national award, it is important that nominations are for the highest caliber individuals. Degrees and educational accolades are not required. What is required is proof of a life filled with mental health service, initiatives or a body-of-work that separates this individual from others. All nominees will have made significant efforts to support mental health initiatives both in the workplace and/or in the communities they serve.

Initiatives, that are actively working to improve youth mental health care in the United States deserve to be recognized. All are welcomed and encouraged to submit. 

Recipients of the SMILE Award, will be featured on Choose Mental Health’s website, as well as a winners’ press release, branding collateral (i.e., digital badges for company and/or individual websites) and social media features.

The award acronym SMILE stands for; Sustainable Mental health Initiatives and Lifetime of Excellence

Click the button below to read more about the nomination criteria and submit those deserving of this prestigious recognition! The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, October 31st at 11:59pm PT.

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Who is eligible to apply/nominate?

Successful nominees will have demonstrated how they championed youth mental health through advocacy, policies, practices, and/or activities they support. We strongly encourage submitting examples including, but not limited to, links to activities, social media pages and attachments (i.e., PDF flyers, brochures, etc.).

Is there a cost associated with nominating?

Submissions for the Choose Mental Health SMILE Award are free and open to all businesses, organizations and individuals who are actively working to address the youth mental health crisis.  You may nominate as many businesses, organizations or individuals as you like, as long as they meet the criteria above. Self-nominations are also accepted.

What does SMILE stand for?

Sustained Mental Health Initiatives and Lifetime of Excellence. 

I have some more questions before I apply. Who can I contact?

For more information on Choose Mental Health or questions on the Choose Mental Health SMILE Awards, please contact 

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Next Steps

Check out the short nomination form. Be prepared to upload supporting documents. Incomplete forms will not be considered.

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About Choose Mental Health

Every child deserves a healthy life, free of mental health struggles. Choose Mental Health works with passionate companies, individuals and organizations to change the world of children's mental health. Funds provide scholarships for premium treatment that otherwise is not affordable.