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Free Online Assessment

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Answers You Need Right Now

Instant results. This assessment will guide you through several questions. The more accurately you answer the better the assessment works. Normally this is only available from a mental health provider, but Choose Mental Health is providing this at no cost because knowledge is power.

This patented free assessment is called Youth Outcomes Questionnaire (YOQ) and will give you a result instantly that will help determine the level of need. There are no gimmicks or harvested information, just answers that only you will see.

Completing this assessment does NOT obligate you to anything. We will not sell any information.

The results are instant and will also be sent in an email for review later. It compares your results to thousands who have taken the assessment before and will give you a better sense of your teen’s current situation.

Take every 6 months to see if anything changes. Great for assessing treatment results.

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What Happens After

When you submit your form, the results are instantly displayed. This is private information for you only, that will help you determine next steps. No matter your journey, there is a direct path to wellness.

Choose Mental Health is determined to make that path as straight and easy as possible. After your results return, next steps are more clear.

Take Our Free Assessment