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Placement Assistance

Child Referral Application

Choose Mental Health provides mental health answers for children and youth. The referral application below is the next level of care in mental health for children and youth. If you’ve tried local therapists with little or no improvement and think your child is a potential candidate for residential (out-of-home) placement this form is your next step.

IMPORTANT: Not all students will receive a referral due to needs identified. In addition, if you are seeking financial assistance, placement depends on available funds.


Choose Mental Health uses an online referral tool and a team of Independent Educational Consultants to help find the best options available for your child. In the referral form, please use the same email address used in the YOQ Questionnaire you completed, so we can match two documents.

Step Two

Share an honest assessment of your child’s/family’s needs.

Step Three

Submit information.

Step Four

Results take 2–5 business days.

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Therapeutic Consultants

Choose Mental Health uses independent Educational Consultants who have helped thousands of families find programs that match the needs of their child and family. Therapeutic Consultants are independent advocates for families and will work with you to find the answers you need.

It is important to understand that this resource is not appropriate for every family situation. At times, placement may not be available, or there might not be a good fit for a child. Some families may need financial assistance that will need to be determined.

If your family situation doesn’t work for residential (move in) placement, the next step is to access our online self-help resources for tips and insight from our network therapists who treat children every day. The online videos, podcasts, articles and other resources are effective learning and intervention tools to start helping your child today. You can also begin your search for potential mental health providers in your community, or online.